Every day, hackers try to break into corporate computer networks to steal valuable trade secrets. Identity thieves scavenge through public files trying to find names and social security numbers. Computer viruses spread like wildfire across the Internet. Unscrupulous advertisers try to flood incoming mail servers with advertisements for worthless products. Your company needs protection from these threats of the 21st century. AccessBest is your first and best line of defense.

Here are just some of the services that AccessBest provides:

Secure Hosting: Our cutting edge data centers provide industry leading security, best-in-class performance and nearly unlimited storage. Our sites are connected to high-speed Internet backbone links and have 24 hour a day, seven day a week on-site security. Our cloud storage and virtual private server services are second to none.

Virus Protection: AccessBest can deploy a net of virus protection across your entire corporate LAN. Security measures will be enforced from the top down. All computers on the network will be kept up to date with the latest virus definitions and scanning engines. You will always be fully secure from even the newest malware threats.

Spam Protection: Our spam firewalls are able to block advertisements, phishing attempts and other types of junk mail before it ever enters the corporate network. Our specialty is wiping out spam before it even gets to your inbox. Our firewalls also filter out potentially malicious attachments, such as .EXE, .COM, .VBS, .SCR and other executable malware containers. In this manner, even a person in the corporate address book with an infected computer will not be able to spread contagion to the rest of your network.

Data Encryption: When data absolutely must stay “for your eyes only”, encryption is one of the most powerful tools in existence. We are able to encrypt your data using the latest ciphers, including AES, Twofish and Serpent. We can provide secure key files that are impervious even to brute force techniques.

AccessBest provides computer services to small businesses and large corporations. Put our experience to work for you. Our business is your peace of mind.