Email Compliance and Administration

Operating an email server has become a complex endeavor for most businesses. Industry or government-regulated e-mail retention and control policies makes corporate e-mail very difficult to manage on an ongoing basis. Dealing with the required storage requirements and policy adherence requires a professional level service that most in-house IT organizations struggle to provide without costly additions to staff and resources.AccessBest is a leading vendor of hosted corporate email services. The staff at AccessBest possesses years of experience dealing with e-mail hosting across heavily-regulated areas such the medical, financial and insurance service industries.

Financial Industry

The financial industry is heavily regulated by the government in most jurisdictions. Part of this regulatory oversight includes up to seven year e-mail retention requirements for legal record keeping purposes. The full-text of messages, email headers and email transaction logs may have to be retained and made available to external auditors or governing bodies on demand.

Medical Industry

The medical industry often deals with sensitive emails that may include private medical information such as medical exam or lab results, treatment costs or insurance information. Email privacy is of critical importance in the medical industry and tight access controls and intrusion prevention measures are required to ensure regulatory compliance. AccessBest provides state-of-the-art email storage and access controls that enable your business to rest easy knowing that your email services are hosted in a safe and compliant manner.

Insurance Industry

Companies in the insurance industry are often required to deal with insurance claims via email. These emails may include sensitive data such as claim documents, internal emails regarding claim processing and litigation-related emails. Due to the nature of the insurance industry, companies often find themselves having to provide email records on demand for use in legal proceedings. AccessBest provides the ability to store, retrieve and search historical email archives in order to quickly provide any emails that may be required by your company. The trained AccessBest staff is available to assist in your email research and quickly respond to any email retrieval requests that may arise.

AccessBest’s professional hosted email solution offers the absolute highest level of email services in any industry where long-term storage, retrieval and regulatory compliance are required.