AccessBest provides a complete range of web site services ranging from conceptual development and planning through production to web site management, promotion and re-engineering of existing web sites.

AccessBest can provide a total solution to your internet presence needs.  A well designed web site consists of more than just pictures and text. You need the technical expertise to conceptualize, build and maintain a professional web site, including connections, hosting, e-commerce, scripting, database management and the list goes on.

The Internet is a fundamental medium for publishing and exchanging information across organizational and geographic boundaries. AccessBest has the technical expertise to conceptualize, build and maintain a professional  web site for you, ranging from general information oriented websites, to a corporate presence with an interactive database query system, or even a high end E-Business portal.

A beautiful website will not help you gain customers if no one can find it on the search engines. Your web pages need to be analyzed to see if all of the required SEO elements are in place. Read our article The Importance of Finding Your Website Online

Informational Web Sites

Informational web sites are the foundation of the internet. They provide information about your organization, products and services. They can range from several pages to hundreds of pages. The majority of web sites on the internet are informational sites.

Informational web sites are places for starting your online presence, as they involve simple production techniques, generally utilize content from your existing publications and information, which have been reproduced and reformatted for the web.

Database Based Web Sites

Web sites that encompass database information are more powerful for the visitor. For example, a visitor can browse your product catalog, order products, and then send the order direct to your company. We can integrate almost any database into a new or existing web site.

E-Commerce Web Sites

E-commerce web sites are fast becoming the standard for organizations that are serious about the web. E-commerce sites allow organizations of all sizes to increase market share and gain access to new markets.  The most common implementation is selling products or services on the Internet.  But, others provide support for customers, value added services, and remote office access to head office systems.

Intranet Web Sites

An Intranet is a web site that is located within your company’s internal network.  It allows you to share documents, manuals, multimedia and other important corporate information among selected employees.

Effectively deploying an intranet requires planning, collaboration and technical work to make the web site easy to use for non-technical staff, and to effectively manage the large amounts of information that will become available.

Web Site Management

Web site management involves the maintenance of web sites. It is not just limited to keeping the content of a web site up to date.  Web site management includes content validation, link validation, link and search engine submissions and checks, ranking reports, and most importantly, error checking.

Many web sites can be managed with relative ease. If the content does not change too often, there should not be any errors, so the task of management reverts to the links from and to the web site including search engine ranking.  Regular checking of error logs and links within the site become essential to maintain a smooth and coherent web site.

Web Site Redesign

One service AccessBest is often asked to perform is web site redesign. This may involve a simple graphical face lift or it may be a complete redesign and upgrade of your web site. All web sites need to be maintained to be kept current and up to date. Web site redesign takes this a stage further.

Redesign involves taking the web site as a whole and revamping the look, feel and experience of the web site. It can be a simple graphical face lift or a major redesign including upgrading your web site to include new features such as secure e-commerce or database integration. Web site redesign is  like a spring cleaning, and all good web sites should be redesigned every so often.